Minecraft Rules

Do NOT grief other players property. (Mutual attacks are allowed)
Compiling other players items with the ship’s helm is considered griefing.
Do NOT raid other players bases. (Mutual attacks are allowed)
Do NOT create massive redstone machines that can create lag.
Do NOT use glitches to your advantage, report each glitch found to admins.
Do NOT use alts in order to break rules on.
Do NOT ask for OP.
Do NOT duplicate items.
Do NOT compile large things with the ship helm.
Do NOT complain about being killed if you are attempting to aggravate/attack another member.
If your house is unnamed, unprotected, unmarked, and looks abandoned, it’s free game.
Certain “very low quality” structures including but not limited to cobble/netherrack boxes, and floating skyrails may be removed if they significantly impact the surrounding area in a negative way.
Unfinished builds that are deemed “abandoned” and are negatively affecting other builds may be removed at admin discretion.
No inappropriate builds, these will be removed without warning.
No killing or stealing mobs “owned” by other players.
This includes named mobs, mobs that are enclosed/restrained, claimed pet type mobs and villagers.
No large explosives.
If you are caught using an x-ray texture pack or a modded client, a permanent ban will be instated.
You may NOT have an inappropriate skin.
Inappropriate ingame names/nicknames will result in punishment.
Scamming another player for his/her items will result in punishment.
Anything that causes lag, or is understood to cause lag by admins will be removed.