By playing on any Outpost-owned server, you agree with the following rules. Failure to comply may result in our administrators being forced to restrict your accessibility based on the infringing action.

General Community Rules

  • Obey the Server Administrators.
  • English is required if you are going to communicate.
  • Do NOT idle on ANY of our servers.
  • Do NOT hinder others’ gameplay.
  • NO cheating, hacking, or exploiting of ANY kind.
  • Respect EVERYONE, this includes admins and other players.
  • Do NOT send random unsolicited trade requests to players on our servers.
  • Do NOT spam. This includes, but is not limited to: chat, voice, and nsay.
  • Do NOT make racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. remarks. The N word is especially treated harshly.
  • Try to avoid using the Lenny Face or anything similar in chat or in your name if it causes a spamming problem.
  • Our store credits may NOT be used for Steam trade transactions.
  • NO raffling or gambling items without an admin’s permission. This includes spycrabbing.
  • NO inappropriate sprays. This includes, but is not limited to: porn, gore, racism, and sexism.
  • Do NOT display inappropriate pictures on Conscientious Objectors either.
  • Do NOT impersonate. This includes, but is not limited to: admins, trusted middlemen, and players.
  • Scamming is a ZERO tolerance policy. If you are caught, you will be immediately permabanned with no warnings.
  • Do NOT advertise any other servers on ours or vice versa. This is another permabannable offense with no warnings.
  • Do NOT advertise Steam groups. This is yet another a permabannable offense with no warnings.
  • Do NOT publicly post links to any site other than ours. If your link looks like it can possibly be dangerous, you will be permabanned with no warnings.
  • Do NOT troll other servers and give them the idea that you represent The Outpost. Our servers are NOT at war with others.

Website Rules

  • Follow the rules.
  • Help one another.
  • Have a good attitude, and have fun.
  • Listen to the administrators/moderators.
  • Make friends, and get along with other members.
  • Do NOT derail a thread’s topic.
  • Do NOT post links to phishing sites.
  • Do NOT threaten or harass other members.
  • Do NOT blame or insult/troll other members.
  • Do NOT spam or promote/advertise in the forums.
  • Do NOT post porn, gross stuff, or anything else NSFW.
  • Do NOT post anything that may be considered racism or discrimination.
  • Do NOT share your account. Forum accounts are intended to be used by one person.
  • Do NOT repetitively post in the incorrect category. (Example: Trade requests belong in trading category.)
  • Do NOT create alternate, backup, or multiple accounts. Doing so will result in a permanent ban against all accounts.

Surf Rules

  • If a player makes it to the end of the map, they must use the !friendly command, or they’re free game. With !friendly, you cannot inflict or take damage.
  • If sentry nests appear in hard to get to or jail spots that compromise gameplay, admins may destroy the buildings.
  • No sentries above level 1.
  • Do not create exit teleporters to the end of the map or secret spots.
  • Do not create teleporters where people may become stuck.
  • If a player compromises surf gameplay, such as camping jail or otherwise purposefully interfering with gameplay, admins may slay you.
  • Do not abuse spawn protection or camp in the opposite team’s spawn.
  • Do not airblast players out of spawn.
  • Do not block spawn entry destinations with buildings, your player model, or sticky camp.
  • Do not spam kill buttons. (Wait at least three minutes between each hit.)

Deathrun Rules

  • Do NOT stall.
  • Do NOT abuse easter-eggs.
  • Do NOT troll platforms/traps.
  • Free-run declarations CAN be illegitimate.
  • Do not exploit.
  • Do not ghost which death doors are safe or not.
  • Do not give more than three freeruns in a row.

Hale & FF2 Rules

  • Do NOT stall.
  • Do NOT abuse easter-eggs.
  • Do NOT camp as Hale. Hale has the initiative to attack other players.
  • Do NOT be friendly as Hale or against Hale. Using taunts when you could be attacking is considered friendlying unless you are an Engineer with a camp fully set up.
  • Do NOT hide without a valid purpose. Taking last-men mini-crits or last-man crits for yourself is NOT valid.
  • For donators, do not color yourself as Hale.

Trade and Play Rules

  • Do NOT idle. Trade and Play is NOT an idling server.
  • Do NOT ask for free items. Nobody likes begging on a server meant for trading.
  • Try to know what you want to buy/sell through advertising to avoid an unconventional blind trade situation.
  • Do NOT randomly use the trading system without confirming a possible trading situation first.
  • Do NOT bother other players with the assumption that all items in their backpack are for sale.
  • Do NOT hinder other players’ ability to perform trading activities over voice or text chat.
  • Do NOT scam others, and do NOT accuse others of scamming when you make a bad offer without being tricked.
  • Do NOT exploit glitches, such as throwing The Flying Guillotine through spawn-dividing glass.
  • Do NOT build sentry nests or excessively camp with the intent to troll other players or make areas of the map inaccessible.
  • Do NOT build teleporters in locations that allow enemy spies to enter your team’s spawn room.
  • Do NOT camp or build sentries at teleportation portals or their exits.
  • During events, only primary-fire melee attacks and taunts (including kill taunts) are allowed in the boxing arena.
  • When there is no event, anything is allowed in the boxing arena, as long as the zones plugin forces melee weapons to be active.
  • Spycrabbing items worth five keys or more requires an administrator to be a middle-man.

Jailbreak Rules

  • There are some rules that are common sense. They are not here cause it would unnecessarily pad out the rules page even further. Don’t make us make rules to accommodate you


  • Guards MUST have a microphone and be able to speak clearly with it and be willing to go warden. (Full sentences, not just a couple of words.)
  • Guards may not evade being warden if selected to be warden by the game.
  • If multiple people want to become warden then you may not become warden more than 3 times in a row.
  • Cell Wars is not permitted. (Enabling Friendly Fire whilst the prisoners are in their cells or any other small, enclosed area.)
  • War Day is not permitted without an admin’s permission.
  • The warden must repeat his commands (at least once, and clearly) if a prisoner asks for a repeat. The warden does not have to repeat if all the prisoners are already doing the order.
  • Do not use names close to freeday in order to bait players into thiking its a freeday (eg. friday).
  • Guards may not kill freely. (Freekilling/RDM)
  • If you freekill, you must suicide. Freekilling just for the sake of freekilling and then committing suicide is not acceptable.
  • When the current warden dies, a new guard may take his/her place by typing “!w”. If new wardenship is not claimed before warden locks, the round becomes a freeday.
  • When the warden dies their orders stay active until warden locks after his death or a new warden takes over and gives new orders (excluding name changes).
  • Guards may kill prisoners in any restricted area without warning.
  • Guards may kill prisoners if they rebel, hide, or go AFK (on a freeday, you may not kill AFK prisoners unless they are the last one alive).
  • Guards may consider Medics rebels if they intentionally heal rebels to help them rebel.
  • The warden may only toggle collisions inside games or instructions of their choice.
  • Guards may not camp the armory.
  • Guards may not camp vents.
  • Guards may not step within melee distance of prisoners, disguise as prisoners, or freely throw Jarate/Mad Milk on prisoners. (Baiting)
  • Should a prisoner give chase to a baiting guard without the warden’s permission, the guards are allowed to kill that prisoner.
  • The warden can only allow prisoners to chase baiters for up to 10 seconds. Allowing the prisoners to chase baiters until death is not permitted.
  • If a guard is in a game that the prisoners are currently playing then that guard is considered baiting and prisoners may chase the guard as long as they are still in the game.
  • Guards may not give orders to have prisoners start singing/mic-spamming.
  • Guards may not give orders that break any of OPST’s rules.
  • Guards may not use Friendly Fire for anything other than Arena or Warden Hunger Games.
  • Guards may not exhibit favoritism.
  • Guards may not lock themselves in a room that is inaccessible to others.
  • Guards may not gun-check prisoners.
  • On any regular round, the warden may dictate rules to Engineers about swinging their Gunslingers.
  • The warden may not give more than two consecutive freedays.
  • Guards are never allowed to airblast under any circumstance.
  • The warden may not give a freeday if it conflicts with a last request. (Example: One or more players already get a freeday from a last request.)
  • Opening the cells on maps with buttons before a warden gives orders is considered trolling.
  • It is not a freeday until it hits 9:00 remaining with no orders.
  • Guards may not rename reds to any contradicting names such as blues, rebelers, guards, etc.
  • Reds cannot be forced to do any specific taunt even if it’s known that they own it.
  • There is no difference between orders that contain the words to/into and they both imply to enter the place the warden has said to go towards.

    Last Guard

  • If the warden becomes the last guard they are not allowed to unwarden.
  • If all but one guard dies on regular rounds, the last guard may kill all prisoners (although not required to).
  • If all but one guard dies on Hunger Games or Pool Day, the last guard may NOT kill all prisoners.
  • If the last guard becomes warden or is already warden and gives orders they are no longer allowed to kill all prisoners and must give a last request.
  • If the last guard decides to kill all prisoners they are no longer allowed to give a last request.


  • Prisoners must listen to the warden’s commands.
  • Prisoners are allowed to rebel at their own risk.
  • Prisoners that enter restricted areas, such as the armory, vents (this includes hitting vents that lead to ammo or armory), etc., may be killed without warning.
  • Any prisoner without a melee weapon active may be killed without warning. (Exceptions: Medi Guns and Sappers and Wranglers)
  • If a guard steps within melee distance of a prisoner, that prisoner may attack/kill the guard.
  • Do NOT lock yourself into a room that is inaccessible to others.
  • Do NOT touch the Friendly Fire button. This is a bannable offense.
  • If you are freekilled, you will not be respawned or receive a freeday.
  • When told to start a game you must enter the start and stay inside unless otherwise stated by the warden.
  • AFK taunts are any equippable taunt exluding: Conga, Scotsmann’s Stagger.
  • Reds may lethal taunt unless the warden specifies otherwise on a regular round. The Rock Paper Scissors taunt does not count as lethal.
  • On a freeday for all, blatant lethal taunting and swinging melee weapons at guards is KOS.

    Last Request

  • The last prisoner remaining earns a last request.
  • Rebels and hiders will not receive a last request.
  • Admins may intervene if a last request is unfair.
  • Guards may not kill a prisoner while they are choosing their last request.
  • The Last Request menu will stay open for 30 seconds. Once the Last Request menu closes, regardless of whether or not the prisoner had made a choice, they may be killed.
  • If “Custom Last Request” is chosen, the prisoner is allowed 30 seconds to type it. If their Custom Last Request is denied, they are to be killed.
  • Guards may not interfere with or deny an accepted last request.
  • A prisoner that is given a last request cannot rebel before/after they choose their last request, else it is void.
  • You can only choose a maximum of three people (including yourself), for freeday.
  • Do NOT glitch or abuse the Last Request menu.
  • Last requests that require players to sing/mic-spam are not allowed.
  • If you have a freeday, you may NOT go into the armory and/or intentionally retrieve ammo while you have godmode.
  • If you have a freeday, do not interfere with games or do certain things that would consider a prisoner a rebel.
  • If you have a freeday, do not intentionally block the guards or help the reds in any way (healing, opening vents, etc.).
  • If you have a freeday, lethal taunting is counted as abuse and bannable.
  • If the Custom Last Request involves a game for the next round, a red intentionally starting the game before the warden is ready to start and kills other reds is considered teamkilling.


    Hunger Games

  • The Warden is the only guard allowed to declare Hunger Games or Warden Hunger Games.
  • A Warden may NOT choose to do Hunger Games or Warden Hunger Games more than two rounds in a row.
  • Prisoners must melee-fight other prisoners.
  • Guards may NOT damage/kill prisoners unless a prisoner rebels, enters the medic room, or obtains ammo in some way.
  • Prisoners may damage/kill guards if they are baiting.
  • Prisoners must fight each other until only one prisoner remains.

    Warden Hunger Games

  • There must be a warning declared the round before for Warden Hunger Games.
  • Warden Hunger Games follows the same rules as Hunger Games with the following additions/changes:
  • The Warden is the only guard allowed to declare the limitations for Warden Hunger Games.
  • The Warden may decide to allow the medic room and limit teaming up.
  • The Warden is NOT allowed to make class restrictions.
  • The Warden is allowed to limit Warden Hunger Games to the Cell Area at any time during the round.

    Last Request Hunger Games

  • Last Request Hunger Games follows the same rules as Hunger Games with the following additions/changes:
  • Last Request Hunger Games may be combined with the Gravity Last Request if the warden is notified first.
  • Last Request Hunger Games disables class restrictions, so all classes may be chosen.
  • Last Request Hunger Games may not be chosen more than three rounds in a row.
  • Teaming and the medic room are NOT allowed unless otherwise specified by the Last Request chooser.
  • The warden or an admin is allowed to step in if enabling the medic room results in a camping problem.

    Pool Day/Gladiator Day


  • The Warden is the only guard allowed to declare Pool/Gladiator Day.
  • Only one guard may be in the pool/arena pit at a time.
  • Guards must use only their melee weapon (no secondary-fire projectiles) while in the pool/arena pit.
  • Guards must constantly try to attack prisoners until one remains while in the pool/arena pit. (No friendlying.)
  • Pool/Gladiator Day must be carried on until there is one red alive unless the warden specifies at the start of the game if they will choose to end it at a specified amount of guards and/or reds.


  • Prisoners must stay inside the pool/arena pit at all times unless otherwise directed by the warden.
  • If Pool/Gladiator Day is cancelled during the round, the “last guard may kill all prisoners” rule is void.

    Hide & Seek

  • Guards may use any weapons. This prevents stalling from faster classes outrunning the guards.
  • The latest guards must wait is by 9:00 remaining.

    Simon Says

  • Simon Says is only properly started when the following phrases are said: “Simon says I’m Simon.” “Simon says we are playing Simon Says.”
  • Simon Says is only properly ended when the following phrases are said: “Simon says we are no longer playing Simon Says.” “Simon says I’m no longer Simon.”

    Mass Trivia

  • Mass Trivia is not allowed to be hyper specific about a subject, only more general topics are allowed
  • First Reaction/Last Reaction

  • First Reaction/Last Reaction may only be played with a maximum of five prisoners.

    Melee Only Days

  • Guards may not use projectiles while melee only.


  • Remember first and foremost, becoming a donator does not make you above the rules.
  • Donators may not talk while dead.
  • Do not change your color or your model to blend in with your surroundings, to the color of the opposite team, or to help hide yourself as a rebel when a guard calls you out, for example, “the green spy” or “the Easter bunny”. It must be discernible which team you are on.
  • Resized weapons must be visible from any distance.
  • Robots may be considered the opposite of what they must be doing (standing or crouching) with the exemption of the engineer due to animation.
  • Do not abuse nsay.